My Inspirations

port issac.jpgIn spring 2015 a friend recommended The Happiness Project and I can honestly say that for me it was a genuinely life changing book and formed the genesis of this blog. Gretchen Rubin suggests that by identifying what makes you happy (and sad) you can arrive at a series of resolutions which if adopted can boost your happiness. My Bucket List are things that I want to achieve before I am 40 and which I think will bring me joy. I also know that I need to set myself deadlines otherwise these will continue to just be a list of things rather than experiences I have undertaken and by making this blog I am more accountable to myself. I also know that as I have only gone in the sea less than 5 times in 20 years there is little point having a surf lesson included in my Things to Do!

Visit Cornwall is the counties tourist board and have loads of excellent ideas on things to do in Cornwall. If you don’t have the luxury of living here there are also links to hundreds of accommodation providers (though personally if camping I highly recommend Mother Iveys Bay Holiday Park).

Some other blogs that I like: