Padstow Obby Oss 2016


Every year Padstowians return from all over the world to participate in their annual celebrations. With the event falling on a public holiday this year it seemed too good an opportunity for me to tick this event off My Bucket List.

As with any long weekend the weather forecast was rubbish! However, with clear blue skies and full sun promised by the afternoon we decided that we would try and catch some of the afternoon celebrations.

Having struggled in the past to park in Padstow we also took the option to tick a second item off My Bucket List and decided to cycle the 6 miles along the Camel Trail from Wadebridge. This ended up working really well and added to the whole day out.

After arriving into Padstow around 2.30pm we set off to try and find one of the ossess – this is no easy task. As the route isn’t published it is a matter of either watching them enter or leave their stables, asking someone dressed in white whether they actually have any idea where they are  or stumble across them by accident.

The parades are not just limited to the harbour area and although slow can travel to the far edges of the town so it took us quite a while to locate the Blue Oss which had headed up to Prideaux Place. The processions are accompanied by drums and accordions and led by “Teasers”. The tune is catchy and was in my head for the rest of the day.

In the evening the two ossess come together around the May Pole. By this time we had already left but I can imagine this must be one of the highlights of the day and something we could try to see in the future.

As the weather had been miserable around the middle of the day the crowds were smaller than they would have been had it been dry and this meant that it wasn’t horrendously  busy so it was easy to find a spot to watch.

Apart from the processions there was a reasonably sized fairground and of course the normal wide range of food offerings throughout the town. There isn’t however any of the normal event markets or much else. It does seem like a wasted opportunity but the celebrations bring in big enough crowds without the organisers needing to put on anything else.

I certainly would recommend that everyone visits Obby Oss once in their life and if the weather gods are good next year we might just go again.





Fifteen Cornwall


My original bucket list entry was to start the day with breakfast at Fifteen Cornwall (as I knew they did breakfast and that would be in my budget) but after seeing an advert for their three course Spring Lunch we decided to take advantage of the offer and a lovely day to tick a visit to the Watergate Bay restaurant off the list.

The food was divine – all three courses were amazing especially the rhubarb panna cotta. As we were a party of three we were sat on the slightly raised level rather than right by the window but going out of season meant it wasn’t busy and therefore our view wasn’t spoilt. 

I would totally recommend a visit. Make sure that you go there in the daylight, the vista is stunning and it seems a shame to go in the evening when it is dark. I definitely want to go back – maybe next time it will be for breakfast.

A tip make sure that you put enough time on the car park – it is privately managed and the fines are hefty!

National Lobster Hatchery


Finding myself in Padstow on Mothers Day waiting for Daddy to finish the “Big Run” gave me the perfect opportunity to visit the baby lobsters at the National Lobster Hatchery (with the added bonus of free entry for all mums with accompanying child). It’s small – really small. The tanks and displays are very well presented and there are a variety of things to look at but we stretched it out as long as we possibly could and still only managed to stay just over half an hour. I’m not sure if my expectations were too high, as lets be honest there is only so much information about lobsters, but I had thought that our visit would fill an hour. Saying all of that my five year old son had a great time and was able to reel off a number of lobster facts throughout the rest of the day. He was particularly amused that his mummy had the same name as the largest lobster at the Hatchery!

Using your ticket you can return as many times as you want for a year so if we have time to kill in Padstow in the next 12 months then we will pop in again.

Padstow Christmas Festival

padstow xmas festival

Food, markets, Christmas what isn’t there to love about that combination! I managed to get to the festival early and was lucky to get a seat to watch the amazing local boy Nathan Outlaw open the 8th Padstow Christmas Festival alongside the lovely Daphne Skinnard from BBC Cornwall (I would love her job she just seems to get invited to all the fun things). It was busy and the weather was rubbish but there was a lovely atmosphere and I would totally recommend a visit (but perhaps don’t do your shopping – the prices seemed more expensive than other markets selling the same products). Oh another thing – they empty the Chefs Theatre after every demonstration and you need a ticket to get in – just make sure you plan who you want to see before you get there.

Eden Sessions – Elton John


Ok so I need to be honest I had to start this blog quickly so that I could include this first Bucket List entry as I already had tickets for Elton John at Eden but WOW what a night! The Eden biomes have become one of Cornwalls iconic images over the past decade and personally I love them even more at night when they are lit up. Combined with a true musical legend and near perfect weather (I only had to put my coat on when the sun went down) meant that all the elements were there to make my first bucket list entry one to remember. Elton maybe 68 and whilst he might not have the same energy levels these days it doesn’t mean that he can’t put on a show – can’t say that I knew all of the words to his songs – even his classics – but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I certainly will be checking out acts in future years to go again! 8.5/10