Rogue Theatre – Wild Spring Hare 2016

easter rogue.jpg

I LOVE the Rogue Theatre and I would recommend them to anyone visiting Cornwall. Their performances aren’t just for children and families they really are something that can be appreciated by people of all ages (although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend for under 5s).

After really enjoying Blackbeard’s Heart  last summer (which was one of the first experiences that I managed to tick off My Bucket List) the kiddies and I were all looking forward to the the Easter tale of the Wild Spring Hare which had made my Things to Do in April blog.

The show involved five mini performances spread around Tehidy Woods near Portreath. For the first four scenes each of the stories revolved around the discovery of eggs involving the Wild West, witches, crows and a frozen ice queen! It all sounds a bit random but somehow it totally made sense.

For the final scene all the characters came together along with the Wild Hare, but not until we had the opportunity to fill up on hot chocolates and hot cross buns! Unlike a lot of other establishments the refreshments don’t feel like a money making exercise and are fairly reasonably priced. At the end of the finale the actors share their artistic skills with free face painting (well it’s obviously included in the price but’s its nice not to have to part with any more money) and some nature craft – this time it was fairy wands made out of sticks and ribbons.

I love the quirky decorations scattered around Tehidy, the kids are highly amused about the door in the middle of the wood and I am amazed how the stories are linked into local folklore. You really do feel like you are being exposed to something unique and special and at £7.50 a ticket the two hour experience was worth every penny.

After watching two day time performances I really want to experience an evening show and the extra magical experience of watching these very talented individuals lit only by fire and fairy lights.

Just prepare yourself for mud and go with it – appropriate footwear is a must even in the summer (I learnt my lesson after wearing flip flops last time) and if you haven’t made it to a show yet then make sure you get to one really soon!




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