Minack Theatre – The Lightkeepers Lunch


Looking at my bucket list there are a lot of things that are outdoors and are best enjoyed in the sun. But the trouble with the Cornish weather is that it is so unpredictable that you can’t plan things and guarantee that it won’t be raining. However, after seeing that the Minack Theatre would be putting on a family friendly performance (at a very family friendly time of 2pm) during the Easter holidays I booked for me and the kiddies to watch the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch by the newly formed Minack Youth Theatre.

Well, it could not have been more perfect. Concerned that despite the sun shining there may be a cold wind I packed four blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and thick coats. We ended up stripping down to our t-shirts and it really did feel like it could be mid-summer. We booked into the lower terrace and arrived about 45 minutes before the performance and got an amazing view (to be fair the vista is stunning from every vantage point).

The show was really good! Both my kids really enjoyed the story (they probably didn’t appreciate the setting as much as I did) and were singing the songs most of the way home. I overheard that the 2pm show was the only one this week to sell out – I hope the theatre take this on board and have more afternoon performances in the future. Whilst I am sure it is spectacular at night it is dark by 7pm in April and therefore you don’t get the bonus of the view. The tickets weren’t particularly  cheap (especially as the show only lasted 45 minutes) with the adults £11.50 and under 16s £6 but it isn’t something we are likely to do more than once a year.

After the show we enjoyed a drink and snack in the cafe looking over the stunning Porthcurno beach. If you are not lucky enough to get tickets for a show a visit to the Minack is still worth a look. Its history is almost as interesting as the view and as we didn’t see any dolphins in the bay there is an excuse to go back.



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