National Lobster Hatchery


Finding myself in Padstow on Mothers Day waiting for Daddy to finish the “Big Run” gave me the perfect opportunity to visit the baby lobsters at the National Lobster Hatchery (with the added bonus of free entry for all mums with accompanying child). It’s small – really small. The tanks and displays are very well presented and there are a variety of things to look at but we stretched it out as long as we possibly could and still only managed to stay just over half an hour. I’m not sure if my expectations were too high, as lets be honest there is only so much information about lobsters, but I had thought that our visit would fill an hour. Saying all of that my five year old son had a great time and was able to reel off a number of lobster facts throughout the rest of the day. He was particularly amused that his mummy had the same name as the largest lobster at the Hatchery!

Using your ticket you can return as many times as you want for a year so if we have time to kill in Padstow in the next 12 months then we will pop in again.


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