Ben Anslies Gold Post Box

post box.jpg

To commemorate the gold medal winners at the 2012 Olympics, various postboxes around the UK, were repainted from their traditional red into gold. Originally intended to be a temporary measure, it was later decided the colour change would become a permanent tribute, with boxes additionally receiving their own special plaques. In Cornwall there are two boxes including one of the first to be painted in Penzance for Helen Glover, to commemorate her medal in the women’s coxless pair rowing alongside Heather Stanning, the second is in the wall of the Pandora Inn and painted in honour of Ben Ainslie. I love this legacy from the Olympics and I can’t believe that I have only just managed to see one of them with the next games nearly upon us. An added bonus for Ben’s post box – it’s the perfect excuse to visit the Pandora Inn!

Note to Royal Mail – it is looking a bit rusty and could do with a touch up!


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