2016 World Pasty Championships – Eden Project

World Pasty Championships.jpg

Oh no …… I think the secret might be out – Eden really does put on good events! The World Pasty Championships is traditionally held on the weekend closest to St Pirans Day (the national day of Cornwall and an excuse to have a pasty if you ever needed one) and this year with it falling on a Saturday, a stellar line up including Kernow King and the Fishermans Friends  and a sunny start to the day why would we not want to visit? Annoyingly though thousands of others thought the same and it was super busy!

We arrived just before 12pm and the final kids pasty making session was already fully subscribed (we were advised that it was full within an hour of the attraction opening) so we headed to the Mediterranean Biome to listen to the story tellers which we always enjoy. Then after a quick visit to the Rainforest we joined the long queue for a pasty – at £4.50 it is probably the most expensive pasty I have ever had but it was St Pirans Day and was actually very good!

The kids got to make a Cornish Flag (unassisted – always a bonus!) and then there was a crimping session held in the stage area. This more than made up for not being able to get into the pasty making session although my crimping efforts proved that I’m not Cornish!!!

By that time Kernow King had made his way to the stage – I had been hoping to bribe the kids so I could watch, but with the crowds it was too busy to get a good view – I took to watching five minutes through a gap in the side but the pull of ice cream was too much for the little ones and I had to give up. So we missed the Fishermans Friends and the Pasty Oscars but we had a lovely time celebrating St Piran. Would I go again next year? Not sure. We love Eden but maybe next St Pirans Day we will try something else, hopefully without such big crowds!






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