Eden Sessions – Elton John


Ok so I need to be honest I had to start this blog quickly so that I could include this first Bucket List entry as I already had tickets for Elton John at Eden but WOW what a night! The Eden biomes have become one of Cornwalls iconic images over the past decade and personally I love them even more at night when they are lit up. Combined with a true musical legend and near perfect weather (I only had to put my coat on when the sun went down) meant that all the elements were there to make my first bucket list entry one to remember. Elton maybe 68 and whilst he might not have the same energy levels these days it doesn’t mean that he can’t put on a show – can’t say that I knew all of the words to his songs – even his classics – but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I certainly will be checking out acts in future years to go again! 8.5/10


Hello! Summer 2015

For a while now I have been considering what I should do to celebrate becoming 40 (its over three years away mind!) I decided a while ago that I would come up with a list of challenges and activities for my 40th birthday year. Some of them would be big and some small – after finding myself driving past Porthcurno Beach today I thought that I didn’t want to wait three years to do some of the things that I have been contemplating! So why not start my own Cornish Bucket List and start ticking things off now!